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Delivering Care

What IMO do?

As an organization the IMO promoting the highest possible standards of medical ethics, it provides ethical guidance to physicians through Declarations, Resolutions and Statements. These also help to guide Various Medical Associations, governments and international organizations throughout the world. The Declarations, Resolutions and Statements cover a wide range of subjects, including an International Code of Medical Ethics, the rights of patients, research on human subjects, care of the sick and wounded in times of armed conflict, torture of prisoners, the use and abuse of drugs, family planning and pollution.

Others areas of service:

  • Health-related human rights – promoting and defending the basic rights of patients and physicians
  • Medical education – helping physicians to continuously improve their knowledge and skills
  • Human resources planning for health care services
  • Patient safety
  • Public health policy and projects such as tobacco control, immunization
  • Democracy building for new medical associations, especially in new or developing democracies
  • Leadership and career development
  • Advocacy for physicians’ and patients’ rights
  • Occupational health and safety

The IMO is helping physicians confront today’s greatest public health and patient care challenges. Stay on top of the latest developments, innovations and issues with crucial insights and resources from the IMO.

We Need You!


We Need You!