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IMO General Practitioners Wing (IMO : GPW)


Considering that the education of a doctor is a continuous process, and to achieve this object the Indian Medicos Organisation decided to start a separate wing for General Practitioners across the country. With the help of this wing the upgradation of knowledge to ensure this uniformity and continuity on need based curriculum.
The motto of the IMO GPW is to make concerted efforts to promote CME activities for the General practitioners in our country who contribute nearly 80% of the health needs of the country. For this Fellowship Certificate Courses with the vision to empower Clinical Skills and evidence based knowledge to the Primary Care Physicians in various disciplines like Diabetology, Cardiology, and Reproductive Gynaecology etc are implemented.

The IMO GPW provide entire teaching/services programmes are based on experience, expertise and to improve the quality of general practice.
Teaching through Contact sessions and online CME hours enhance and empower General Practitioners. Correspondence Educational Course is
proving very successful for members in distant places. The educational and academic activities conducted by the College have been accredited
officially by the Medical Council of India in the field of CME for General Practitioners.
The IMO GPW expects all the General Practitioners to fully involve themselves in the various programmes and raise the status and prestige
of the now recognized specialty of General Practice.

We Need You!


We Need You!