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IMO Resident Doctors Club (IMO : RDC)

The Vision Of A Few Committed Resident doctors of Indian Medicos Organization Gave Birth To The Idea Of Forming The Resident Doctors Club (RDC), Mainly To Provide A Common Forum To The Resident (Junior Resident & Senior Resident) Of India To Meet And To Share Experience And Research Observations In The Field Of Medicine.


IMO RDC should become the main forum for Resident Doctors around the country to network, collaborate and address all the issues of Resident Doctors.


  • To be the National Voice of all the Resident Doctors of the country
  • To support & solve Resident Doctors issues like work place challenges, job opportunities & violence against
  • To play a pivotal role in IMO’s efforts to solve problems in NMC, CPA etc
  • To take-up new demanding challenges like Medical Entrepreneurship, Promoting research, leadership development & exchange programmes with other.
  • To efficiently connect all Resident Doctors through various Social Media and you tube channel
  • To survey and convey the opinion of Resident doctors on variety of issues we have IMO RDC ONLINE SURVEY PORTAL
  • Established IMO RDC in 12 states, currently our membership 6306 – All Life members of IMO, Also Holding 1570 Honorary members through social

About IMO Resident Doctors Club

Every year there are about 70,000 fresh medical graduates joining the medical profession with already existing 8,50,000 practicing doctors in our country. More than in any profession there is a need to engage them, train and mould them to become a complete doctor. The Medical profession is advancing with newer discoveries and innovations every day and the issues in the doctor patient relationship are also on the rise. The more experienced doctors could impart their experience to the young doctors for our own good and that of our patients.

To achieve the goal of bringing all the young doctors of our country under one roof i.e., IMO, IMO Head Quarters Lucknow, Started this new initiative IMO Resident Doctors Club.

Top 12 Activities of IMO Resident Doctors Club

1.)To Provide Job Opportunities:

IMO RDC will bring jobs information to our Junior Doctors from both Domestic & International. We have created an Online Job Portal for this purpose General Practice & Family Doctor Concept need to be encouraged for fresh graduates & society also needs sensitization. RDC will do it.

2.) To help in PG Education:

Every year about 70000 MBBS doctors are graduating from nearly 500 medical colleges, across the country. Only 30,000 of them get post graduate seats – IMO RDC will work for increasing the number of PG Seats and address the issues of working hours & fee stricture & examination. IMO RDC also runs a PG Entrance Exam Mobile App to help our junior doctors to get PG seats.

3.) Work Place Challenges:

We are conducting an Online Survey of status of Junior Doctors of our country and we have identified the following areas, where IMO RDC will concentrate

  1. Workplace bullying with regards to duration of work, 24 hrs duty, exploitation of junior residents
  2. Standardize the Health Care Delivery from Junior Resident
  3. Sexual harassment of a Junior Doctor
  4. Violence against Junior Doctors
  5. To work on basic facilities for jonior doctors on work place

"Convert Bullying into Mentoring"

4.) Continuing Medical Education through  Social Media Plateforms:

Eagerness to share ones knowledge is an innate quality of human being. Moreover teaching brings in thoroughness with fundamentals. As such, we are planning tutorials for the post graduates through various social media plateforms.

5.) Promoting Research related Works:

Yes. The culture of research in practice should be encouraged strong documentation of the diagnosis and treatment procedures and the effectiveness of the same will be standardized and facilitated through InfoTech support. Especially JDN will support Young General Practitioners conducting research activities.

6.) Exchange Programmes on international fronts:

IMO RDC will do a pivotal role in collaboration with various international organisation across the world. IMO also run several medical exchange programme in this regards.

7.) Primary Health Care Management:

There are plenty of opportunities for young doctors in rural areas and also in delivery primary Healthcare. IMO RDC has suggested to the Government to appoint MBBS graduates in all the wellness centres announced by the Government of India and they should be given preferential treatment in PG admissions.

8.) Emotional Well Being:

IMA RDC has horizontally integrated with various other branches of IMO for better cooperation and emotional healing of the medical fraternity.

9.) Disaster Management Plan:

Our society is completely unprepared for even minor disasters. IMO RDC will coordinate with IMO Committee on Disaster Management. IMO RDC will organise a separate Disaster Management Cell Consisting of young doctors in all the states to and help in educating & structuring the IMO Disaster Management units.

10.) Medical Entrepreneurship:

This is very much in RDC’s cup of tea. Due to prevailing negative trend in private healthcare industry particularly in medical startups, our youngsters are reluctant to start their own hospital. The factors that are killing medical entrepreneurship like increasing real estate cost, non-availability of law in dense population pockets, inadequate work force & Health Insurance are to be addressed and I have already edited a book on Practical Guide to Hospital Startups.

IMO RDC will pioneer this subject and we will become the guiding force to aspiring and motivated young medicos to start their own Healthcare establishments.

11.) Leadership Development Programmes:

IMO RDC is going to take up this particular role very seriously. We will hold leadership development workshops including communication skills, public speaking, enhancing qualities of courage and assertiveness.

Doctors who graduate from IMO RDC would take-up posts in IMO and they do better.

12.) Prevention of Violence against Doctors

Our Junior Doctors always bear the brunt of patient’s relatives anger, and that has become the order of the day. IMO RDC will always in the forefront in protesting against any such incidents. We are coming out with Do’s and Don’ts for the Junior Doctors & Residents when such kind of attack anticipated.

IMO HQ is working very hard to get a central law for violence against medical personnel with stringent punishments.

We Need You!


We Need You!