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History of IMO

Since its founding in 2003 the IMO has played a crucial role in the development of medicine in the India. Here’s a look at some key historical dates:


For more than 20 years the IMO has worked to create a healthier future for patients, including being at the forefront of advocating against racial and ethnic disparities in health care. Other notable ways the IMO has put patients first include:

  • 2005: IMO establishes a board to analyze quack remedies and nostrums and to enlighten the public in regard to the nature and danger of such remedies.
  • 2006: IMO establishes a council to set standards for drug manufacturing and advertising
  • 2008: IMO promotes periodic examination of healthy persons
  • 2009: IMO recommends a nationwide vaccination Promotion against polio.
  • 2010: IMO launches war on smoking, urging the government to reduce and control the use of tobacco products and supporting legislation prohibiting the disbursement of tobacco samples.
  • 2012: IMO urges physicians to cooperate in a national program to combat hypertension.
  • 2013: IMO passes resolution opposing acts of discrimination against AIDS patients and any legislation that would lead to such categorical discrimination or that would affect patient-physician confidentiality.
  • 2015:

Members of the Indian Medicos Organisation have access to the IMO Archives as one of the many benefits of IMO membership. The Archives preserve documents, photographs, films, books, memorabilia and artifacts.

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We Need You!